Giampaolo Tomassetti

Giampaolo Tomassetti was born in Terni, Italy, in 1955. From early childhood he had a natural penchant for drawing. After studying science, in 1981 he worked in Florence as an illustrator for books on ancient Vedic culture. Over the next seven years, Giampaolo produced paintings in the Neo-Renaissance style, a fundamental journey for his artistic development.

In 1987 the artist moved to Città di Castello. The influence of the town’s culture and his interaction with it helped form his metaphysical figurative style. Here, Giampaolo started his career as a mural artist, collaborating with architects on sophisticated projects of decoration and restoration.

In 1977 he won the CONCORSO NAZIONALE DEL DIPINTO STORICO (National Competition for Historic Paintings) with a huge canvas, measuring 300 x 900 cm, showcased in the main hall of Modica Town Hall. Since 2009 he has been working on a Mahabharata project, producing 23 large paintings based on the renowned Indian epic.

Giampaolo works with various media: from oils and acrylics, to watercolours and pastels, and uses clay in his sculptures and ceramics. His most recent creations are abstract cityscapes and contemporary figurative art, using in mixed media and his new experimental style is in oil and acrylic on a collage of newspapers.

Giampaolo exhibits in many local shows and events. From 2015 Vasco & Piero restaurant is proud to host a permanent exhibition for his work.

“You can sum up my artistic journey in two classic categories: Nietzsche’s Dionysian and Apollonian , i.e. the first part of the path dedicated to exploratory intent, painting a noisy and indefinite art where the figure emanates violent energy, and then dropped in the next phase, a transformation in the pacification of the sign, in the softness of the feminine…a“principio individuazionis” where the line and the masses mark the space, everything must be in its place; order is necessary to overcome the pain of existence. But the two trends continue to blur, integrating the vital game between emotion and reason…”

giampaolo tomassetti

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