Good morning Paul,

Well, all I can say is, again, thank you. My parents, who have never been as bonkers about food and eating as me, (but who have always appreciated and understood when they are eating good food), have been transformed into me by your restaurant. No sooner had they got home than my mother called me in the office to recount at great length all of the delicious things they ate.

Whilst I was exceedingly pleased to hear her absolutely bubbling with joy over their meal, I was deeply peeved that I couldn’t have been there too! So watch out for me, I shall be making sure I get to come to you before long!

Two questions I wondered if you could help me with.

1) What was the spaghetti on the menu yesterday? Apparently, my parents’ friend was very impressed that this certain type of spaghetti was on the menu as it was the best type. My parents keep saying words like ‘veocchi’ to me, but I have no idea what that is!?

2) In the antipasti, there was a type of fish paté..? What was it? My father, never one for “fishy fish”, or even fish in general, was very taken with it. And, as is his way after trying something he wouldn’t normally and loving it, I am now tasked with recreating said paté.


Anyway, the real point of this email is to thank you and all of your team. Without being fussy or excessive, you made it a very special lunch for them.

Best wishes,


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